La Calisto (1651)

Music by Francesco Cavalli

Libretto by Giovanni Faustini

The legendary myth from Ovid's Metamorphoses is transformed into a moving tale of impossible love. Jove seduces Calisto, a devout nymph sworn to chastity. Juno, catching wind of Jove's latest infidelities, exacts revenge on the innocent girl by torturing her and turning her into a bear. Unable to reverse Juno's curse, Jove transforms his beloved into a constellation, offering her a place in heaven and eternal life among the stars.


All the while, deities, satyrs, and shepherds tumble in and out of intrigues and hijinks in order to fulfill their amorous desires. Cavalli's opera La Calisto explores the ecstasy, chaos, and consequences that gods and mortals are willing to endure in the relentless pursuit of love.



Jack Byrne, Jacob Cooper, Alexandra Dietrich, Rachel Gitner, Abigail Krawson, Jared Levin, Shannon McAuliffe, Sarah Morrow, Roselin Osser, Gerrod Pagenkoff, Kay Patterson-Shaw, Claire Raphaelson, Sherri Snow, Leslie Tay, and Erika Vogel



Stage Director: Giselle Ty

Music Director: Ryaan Ahmed

Choreographer: Ken Pierce

Producer: Annie Li

Scenic Designer: John Traub

Costume Designer: Katherine Stebbins

Lighting Designer: Chris Fournier

Properties Master: Cara Pacifico

Technical Director: Mike Best



Violin: Joy Grimes, Preston So

Violoncello: Lucien Werner

Harpsichord: Tamar Hestrin Grader, Jessica Rucinski

Theorbo: Douglas Freundlich

Baroque Guitar: Nicholas Rinehart

Theorbo & Baroque Guitar: Ryaan Ahmed