Les Plaisirs de la Paix:

An Entertainment of Opera and Ballet,

featuring music by Charpentier and Lully

The Harvard Early Music Society brings Versailles to life with an evening of entertainment featuring Marc-Antoine Charpentier's Les Arts Florissants (1685) and scenes from Jean-Baptiste Lully's Armide (1686) and Phaëton (1683). This production explores the dilemma of peace — the line between peace of mind and complacency. As a troupe prepares to present its noble patrons with an evening of entertainment, the reality of life outside the theatre cannot be forgotten. With period instruments and dance, in the New College Theater.



La Gloire: Douglas Dodson

La Sagesse: Julia Cavallaro

Suite de la Gloire: Claire Raphaelson, Paul Halverson, Ari Nieh

Suite de la Sagesse: Robin Worth Reinert, Jessica Rossi, Teri Kowiak, Saee Paliwal

Ensemble: Kaethe Kaufman, Salome Sandoval McNutt,

La Musique: Kaethe Kaufman

La Poésie: Teri Kowiak

La Peinture: Paul Halverson

L'Architecture: Jessica Rossi

La Discorde: Julie Cavallaro
La Paix: Salome Sandoval McNutt

Guerriers/Furies: Robin Worth Reinert, Claire Raphaelson, Douglas Dodson, Saee Paliwal, Ari Nieh

Dancers: Camilla Finlay, Thomas Hecht, Antonia Pugliese, Shayna Skal, Kit Tempest, Louis XIV: Eduardo Perez



Producer: Diana Michta

Stage Director: Adriana Isabel Colón

Music Director: Matthew Hall

Assistant Music Directors: Ryaan Ahmed, David Miller

Choreographer: Ken Pierce

Technical Director: Bartley J. Stevens

Stage Manager: Chappell Sargent

Set Designers: Chappel Sargent, Janice He

Costume Designer: Jance He

Lighting Designer: Matthew Warner

Supertitles: Pamina Smith

Projectionist: Levi Roth

Props Designer: Ashley Kaupert

Run Crew: Eddie Horgan, Harleen Gambhir, Sarah Pierce

Ticket Manager: Siphie Duvernoy

Publicity Manager Chappell Sargent

Graphic Designer: Julia Cavallaro



Violin: Marika Holmqvist, Meghan Titzer

Viol: David Miller, Kirsten Lamb

Violoncello: James Williamson

Traverso & Recorder: Janna Stauffer

Traverso: Kateri Chambers

Recorder: Emily Malkin

Theorbo & Guitar: Ryaan Ahmed

Theorbo & Lute: Douglas Freundlich

Harpsicord: Matthew Hall, Tamar Hestrin Grader