L'Orfeo (1607)

Music by Claudio Monteverdi

Libretto by Alessandro Striggio

English translation by Anne Ridler

This past fall, the Society prepared our most ambitious project to date, returning to one of the crown jewels of the early opera repertoire, Monteverdi's L'Orfeo. This opera was rapturously received at its 1607 premiere in Mantua and with the enthusiasm of Harvard undergraduates and the expertise of Music Department faculty and early-music professionals from around the region, we brought it to life in Radcliffe's beautiful Horner Room.



Musica: Erica Brookhyser

Orfeo: Aaron Sheehan

Euridice: Mary Gerbi

Ninfa: Teresa Wakim

Shepherds & Infernal Spirits: Jeff Barnett, James Capobianco, Blake Hunter

Silvia: Allison Mondel

Speranza: Amy Stebbins

Caronte: Paul Guttry

Infernal Spirit: Steven Serpa

Proserpina: Samantha Franklin

Plutone: Nicholas Vines

Apollo & Infernal Spirit: Bradform Gleim



Music Director: Thomas Forrest Kelly

Stage Director: Zoe Vanderwolk

Producers: Michael Givey, Sarah Eggleston

Associate Music Director: Edward Elwyn Jones

Orchestra Manager: Robert Mealy

Technical Director: Michael Wilson

Set Designer: Maggie Cao

Costume Designers: Jane Van Cleef, Zoe VanderWolk

Lighting Designer: John Noss

Choreographer: Annelisa Pedersen

Stage Manager: Sherra Wong

Publicity Manager: Emily Richmond

House Manager: Christine Speidel

Ticket Manager: David Richmond

Publicity Designer: Christine Liu

Technical Consultant: Alan Symonds

Lightboard Operator: Sarah Jenks

Makeup Designer: Terea Wakim

Build Crew: Aram Demirjian, Edward Gargan, Ines Pohl, Chace VanderWolk



Violin: Robert Mealy, Abigail Karr

Viola: Jennie Johnson, Ilana Schroeder

Violoncello: Caroline Kang

Flute: Marion Dumas

Guitar: Peter Lehman, Catherine Liddell

Harpsichord: Edward Elwyn Jones, Thomas Forrest Kelly

Viola da Gamba: Tobi Szuts

Harp: Celine Leboeuf

Trumpet: Douglas Kirk, Roninson Pyle

Trombone: Dylan Chmura-Moore, Jamie Kember, Alexander Rehding, Alex Wolitzky, Cassandra Kossin Wolos,