Masterworks of the Renaissance:

Motets, Madrigals, and Dances

Presented by the Harvard Early Music Society and Regalia Brass

This magnificent concert of featured Josquin's 24-part Qui Habitat, Gabrielli's 16-part Exaudi me Domine, Tallis' Lamentations of Jeremiah, selections from the dances of Susato, and delightful madrigals of the English Renaissance by Weelkes, Morley, Gibbons, et alia. The program was featured in two performances, the first in Adolphus Busch Hall on the night of Thursday, May 4, and the second as a part of the 2006 Arts First Festival in the Calderwood Courtyard of the Fogg Art Museum.


Conducted and directed by Christopher Thorpe '97-'98, GSAS