The Triumph of Camilla (1696)

Music by Giovanni Bononcini

Libretto by Silvio Stampiglia

HEMS was proud to present the Boston premiere of this opera. Originally performed in Italian in 1696, it was soon translated into English and quickly became a smash hit in both incarnations. Our production was directed by visiting artist Jennifer Griesbach, who holds a Ph.D. in musicology with a focus on 17th- and 18th- century opera from U.C. Berkeley.



Latinus: William Adams

Prenesto: Kristi Vrooman

Turnus: José Lemos

Metius: John McMunn

Linco: Neil Davidson

Country People: Will Fleming, Rick DuPuy, Chiduzie Carl Madubata

Camilla: Jennifer Young

Lavinia: Kate Nyhan

Tullia: Claire Meghnagi

Ladies in Waiting: Camilla Finlay, April Lynn James, Heather Stacey Mackler

A Country Person: Sarah Dunn




Stage Director: Jennifer Griesbach

Music Director: Karoun Demirjian

Orchestral Director: Robert Mealy

Choreographer: Ken Pierce

Technical Director: Dustin Cartwright

Producer: Jay Pendse

Costume Designer: Eva Furrow

Assistant Costume Designer: Carla Borras

Lighting Designer: Jason Chiang, Dustin Cartwright

Lighting Operator: Jason Chiang, Dustin Cartwright

Set Designer: Steven Grossman

Stage Manager: Sherra Wong

Stage Crew: Sarah Dunn, Chiduzie Madubata, Rick DuPuy, Will Fleming

House Manager: Chael Hines




Harpsichords & Organ: Leslie Kwan, Karoun Demirjian

First Violin: Robert Mealy, Rebecca Tinio, Brian Lee, Karen Burciaga, Emily Letourneau

Second Violin: Jeffrey Yang, Jennie Johnson, David Simmons-Duffin

Viola: Marisa Green, Gail Pokorney

Cello: Seth Ament, Bobby Bursiel

Recorder: Jon Daniels